3x Thrombocid Gel 100g / 3.53oz Antivaricose Therapy XL Size

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3x Thrombocid Gel 100g / 3.53oz Tubes
15mg/g Pentosan Polysulfate SodiumThrombocid Ointment is indicated in the following situations:
Mild to moderate muscle pain, contusions and post-traumatic pain.
Topical adjuvant therapy of varicose syndrome.
Complications of treatment with injectables (superficial thrombophlebitis, effusions / hematomas).

How to use:
 Apply the thin layer gel to the affected region and surrounding area. It is not necessary to rub.

The gel can be used in prolonged treatments.

Composition: Melissa Oil; Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium; Pumilio Pine Oil; Rosemary Oil; Carbopol 980; Trolamine; Isopropanol; purified water.


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