Hirudoid Gel 100g Big Size Tube


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Hirudoid Gel 100g tube
Indicated for:
Venous Disorders, Varicose Syndrome, Hematoma, Strains, Bruises
Adjuvant symptomatic treatment of superficial venous disorders, varicose syndrome, hematoma, strains, contusions.
For bruises and swelling treatment of scars and various inflammatory condition of the veins.
Mucopolysaccharide polysulfate, the active substance of Hirudoid, has an antithrombotic effect.
It also has an anti-inflammatory action.
How to use:
Cutaneous use. 
Spread a thin layer of gel several times a day in the affected parts and 
surrounding areas without the need for massage.
Expiration Date:
Minimum: 2022 or Better


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